Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Interview

Got this idea from a blog that I read from time to time and thought it would be fun for us to start.  Here goes... (with Olivia's exact spelling or my reactions to their responses when appropriate)

How old are you?
O:  8 (after deciding that 8 years and 3 months was too much to write)
M:  6
N: 36
W: 35

Favorite color?
O:  baby blue
M:  black
N:  orange
W: blue

Favorite toy:
O:  socer ball & DSi
M:  Bakugan
N:  my new camera
W:  golf clubs

Favorite food:
O:  Pizza
M:  grits
N: Chinese
W: seafood

How do you like to spend your time?
O:  wisely (really!  She came up with that on her own and it was the very first thing that popped into her mind.  Hilarious!)
M:  playing with Harry (our neighbor)
N:  relaxing
W:  Playing sports outside

Favorite holiday?
O:  Halloween (with pictures of candy drawn next to Halloween)
M:  April fols
N:  Christmas because of the break from school
W:  Memorial Day (summer starts!)

Who is your teacher?
O:  Mrs. Tart & Ms. Natalie
M:  Mrs. Butler & Mrs. Hardy
N:  I am a teacher.
W: ??

Who is your best friend?
O:  Shannon and Reagan (friends from Houston)
M:  Sam F. from the Monkey Class (in Houston)
N:  my YaYas and Miss Gay and Mrs. Nethery (Olivia jumped in with answers to that one)
W:  my wife - Nikki (awwwww!)

Favorite song?
O:  Miley songs
M:  Fly on the Wall (Miley - I wasn't there when he answered this one so I don't know how much influence Olivia was on his answer)
N:  Summertime (Kenny Chesney)
W:  Most all country songs

Favorite book?
O:  Magic Tree House (It's a series but she couldn't choose just one fave.)
M:  Star Wars
N:  best book lately was The Art of Racing in the Rain - makes me wonder what Tex is thinking all the time
W:  Any Vince Flynn book

What did you love about last year?
O: living in Houston
M: when Hugh moved close to my house
N:  Being able to spend the holidays with both sides of our family.
W:  Finishing fellowship (Amen to that!)

What do you look forward to this year?
O:  making a lot of best friends
M:  doing exercise
N:  Spending even more time with our family now that we're closer
W:  Being closer to family/friends.

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Gay Stricklin said...

Miss Gay misses her best friend! Happy New Year to you!