Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vail - Day 4 (part 1)

Snowmobiling Fun!!

We caught the boys having fun together in the tent where we geared up for snowmobiling.  They had DOT helmets, snow suits and boots for us to borrow.  We had to use their helmets and we borrowed some warm boots for Olivia because she only had rain boots.  The weather was just perfect (warmer than we expected, so we were all plenty warm dressed in our ski clothes).

Don't know why, but Olivia insisted on riding with Will on our first leg of the trip.  She seemed convinced that he would go faster than I would.  Thankfully, McIver was fine with that.

After about fifteen minutes of riding, we came to a giant open field where they had 4 tiny snowmobiles for the kids to drive.  There was also a big track where we could go as fast as we wanted on the big snowmobiles.

McIver didn't exactly wait to hear all of the instructions, so he took off before he learned how to turn or stop.  Had a bit of a tumble, but got right back on and ended up loving it.

Olivia learned from McIver's mistakes and took in all of the instructions before taking off.  She had a long turn and a huge grin on her face the whole time.

Our guide took us to "The Top of the World" so we could get some great pictures.  Clearly, our team was over it by this  point.  The sun was too bright for McIver and Olivia wanted a snack.  This will not be our Christmas card picture for 2010!

Too bad we can't use this one because all the grown-ups were happy and having a ball!

Olivia rallied and had perked up by the time we got to the hot chocolate stop.  McIver was inside dumping extra spoonfuls of Swiss Miss into his cup so we didn't get a shot with him in it.

Everybody had fun sliding down the huge hill while we checked out after our trip.  They also knew that lunch was in the near future.

We took a recommendation of our snowmobiling guide and went to Endo's Adrenaline Cafe in Copper Mountain for lunch.  It was warm enough to sit outside and watch the skiers coming down the mountain.

We wandered around the village in Copper Mountain looking for a candy store.  The kids just couldn't get over the height of the fire hydrants!

Check them out in the huge adirondack chair at the bottom of the mountain.  (Also, please notice that McIver and Andrew are actually sitting next to each other peacefully.)

We found a chocolate shop in Copper Mountain but it wasn't nearly as exciting as the little mercantile in Vail Village.  So, we headed back there to let the kids fill up a bag full of candy.  McIver was kind enough to share lots of candy with Andrew so they were happy together again.  They aren't smiling because eating and sharing candy is very serious business!

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