Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All-School Christmas Sing-a-long

Despite the frigid temperatures early last week, the weather for Friday's All-School Christmas Sing-a-long was perfect.  I was subbing that day and was able to get a few pictures.  This event has been held in the gym in previous years, but was outside this year.  Students were organized by grade, so I was next to McIver's 1st grade class but couldn't see Olivia's class very well.

The all-time favorite song is The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Each grade represents one of the twelve days and has some sort of symbol/prop as an aid.  

McIver's partridge in a pear tree.

McIver is quite the ham in pictures these days so you can tell that he didn't realize I was taking the picture.

The third grade represented "three French hens" and had drawn curly-cue mustaches and goatees to get into character.  It's really hilarious to watch because each grade stands to 'sing' their part and then sits back down.  By the time the 9th day rolls around, the singing turns to shouting.  As you can imagine, the lower grades get more and more into it because they have the most opportunities to stand and sing their part.  The sing-a-long is a great way to kick off the Christmas holiday.

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