Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 in Macon 
Tex was most thankful for the pool.  Will built a huge fire (and used up what was left of Pop's firewood) so that he and Pop could watch football in the gazebo.  Tex chased his ball in the pool for 5 (FIVE!!) hours straight.

He even figured out how to save himself the swim all the way to the steps.  Instead, he just climbed out using the little stools near the gazebo.  He looked like a circus elephant balancing on the stools!

The kids were lucky enough to see two (of their three) great-grands while we were in Macon.  Grandma Janet ate with us.

Grandma Myrtle stopped by for a quick visit on her way home from her Thanksgiving dinner with my aunt and her family. Olivia loved pointing out that she's almost as tall as Grandma Myrtle.

Cacoo took a quick picture of our family just before our post-Thanksgiving dinner walk.

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