Sunday, December 19, 2010

McIver's Birthday Gifts

McIver followed Olivia's lead and asked his friends to bring dog food for his birthday rather than gifts.  We finally (FINALLY - two months later!) found an afternoon to take the dog food to The Animal Mission.  Olivia was still at school so McIver enjoyed having all the attention to himself.

He carried most of the food in all by himself and posed proudly.

Of course, we also had to go into the Fat Cat Lounge to love on the kitties.

And, it was a perfect name for this room because just about every cat was, indeed, fat.  For sure, they were all lounging around on their comfy beds when we walked in.  But, the second the door opened, these sweet cats came over just begging to be loved.

McIver even received a letter from The Animal Mission thanking him for his donation.

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Christa said...

Such a great thing to do!!!!