Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gamecock Basketball

Will's Uncle Bobby sent us tickets to a USC basketball game.  Now that McIver is a Gamecock fan, he was even more excited to go to the game.  Will was on call, and having a long day, so he had to meet us there.  But, he didn't get there until almost the end of the second quarter, so poor Olivia was has asking me questions about basketball that I could not answer.  She has joined the Trinity 3rd grade basketball team and is loving it.

McIver scaled two rows of seats trying to scramble and get a t-shirt that a cheerleader threw into the crowd.  He almost came to blows with a college kid over the shirt.  Too bad it's an XL and he won't be able to wear it until he's actually in college!

Even though Olivia professes to be a diehard Clemson fan, she still wanted her picture taken with the Carolina shirt.

We're looking forward to two more games during the Christmas holidays, thanks to Uncle Bobby. I think he keeps sending the tickets because he's trying to be sure McIver doesn't slip back to the 'other side' (being a Clemson fan, that is).

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