Monday, August 15, 2011

Lake with Friends

At the very last minute, we invited two families to meet us at the lake for an afternoon/evening of jet skiing, fishing, boat-riding and floating.  They brought their children so we had a full house - four boys, three girls and three sets of parents.   The mamas, Katherine, Kim and I, play tennis together.  Kim and Katherine's sons were on the same baseball team last spring and McIver and Katherine's son are in the same class at school this year.  That's a convoluted way of saying some thought was put into who we invited (also serving as a lesson for Olivia who is entering a grade where I have heard girl-drama becomes an issue).

Little Ellie was in one of the classes that I subbed in a lot last year.  She's such a cutie ... and an adrenaline junkie.  She wanted the jetski to go faster and faster!

Who's having fun!?!?

Getting four boys to pose for a picture is IMPOSSIBLE!

Another attempt at a boys only picture ... on our way to see the purple martins.

My guy - can't believe he's going into second grade.

My sweet girl was a trooper.  We just flat out didn't have room for her to invite a friend her age to play with.  She spent her time with a riding 1st grader and an almost two year old little girl.  And, she loved it!  They thought Olivia hung the moon, which she was perfectly OK with, and she gave the parents a chance to take a deep breath and actually relax.

Yea!  The mamas managed to make it into a picture.  Doesn't happen often and may not be the best picture ever (see: windblown hair and no makeup), but we were having a blast and making memories!

We woke up to sunny skies and hit the dock for some fishing.

I didn't know that McIver knew how to take a fish off the hook.

Olivia took advantage of the opportunity to 'drive' the jetski.  (I usually won't let her sit in front of me because I can't really see around her.)

The Osbornes had to pack up and head to Aiken for their son's birthday celebration with family.  But, the Draffins were able to hang out into the afternoon.  We rode over to the Rusty Anchor to get lunch.  McIver and Walker took turns driving the boat.  (That would be Will's finger pointing McIver to go AROUND the buoy!)

Olivia and Ellie

Finally, a picture of Tex ... just because.

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