Wednesday, August 17, 2011

McIver's 1st Day of 2nd Grade

Even though McIver didn't exactly 'jump up' out of bed on the first day of school, he was happy when he did finally wake up.  He ate his breakfast and chatted about what his class must be like with nine (9!) boys and only five girls.  He got dressed, packed his snack and reading log for the summer in his backpack and happily posed for a few pictures.

(He was most definitely NOT posing for this picture!)

Since Dad was home, Mom made it into a first day of school picture.

He's in Mrs. McElveen's class.  She is the long-term sub for Mrs. Daniel who is out on maternity leave and will be back after Christmas.  Mrs. McElveen has two boys of her own which may explain the plethora of boys in her classroom.

McIver failed to return Mrs. SuSu's (his first grade teacher) copy of The Cat in the Hat last Spring so he was anxious to get it back to her today.  She welcomed him into her classroom and gave him a GIANT hug and a HUGE smile.  The day he found out who his teacher would be for 2nd grade, he told me he was excited, but that he would miss being a Marvelous Mallard.

How cute are his teachers!?  After school today (and after patiently waiting for Olivia to finish telling me all about how great her first day was), McIver told me that his teacher 'has the biggest smile at Heathwood!'  That's Mrs. McElveen on the right.  Mrs. Campbell is the associate teacher and will be with the Spectacular Starfish all year long.  When I mentioned to Mrs. McElveen the NINE boys in her class, she raised her eyebrows and said she had heard they were 'all pretty spunky, too.'  She assured me that she would be pretty tough on them all the first few weeks of school until they earn the right to some chatting in class.

McIver turned in his supply check and summer reading log (almost 1200 pages!), found his desk and got to work.

We're looking forward to a great second grade year.  It's a little bittersweet, though, because Olivia started second grade when we moved back to Columbia.  It's hard to believe that McIver is that old now!

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