Thursday, August 4, 2011

St. Simons 2011

Day Three:

Nanoo and McIver broke out the magic science experiment kit.

The children and I bought a puzzle to bring to the beach to work on all week long.  Turns out, Nanoo and Will finished it within the first 24 hours we were here.  So, Will bought a grown-up puzzle ( - 200 pieces, Vegas, Baby!) and a 550 piece puzzle for the kids.  Olivia helped Will get the Vegas puzzle organized.

And, she got in on the magic action (disappearing ink).

We took a golf cart ride down to the pier.  McIver, of course, made friends and even was able to lift out someone's crab net.  

The pelican was a bit spooky.

His eyes followed us wherever we went.

Our 13th anniversary was July 25, but we waited to celebrate at the beach.  The kids spent the evening with Nanoo and Pop while we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Halyard's.

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