Thursday, August 4, 2011

St. Simons 2011

Day Four: Our very own Shark Week

We met our captain, Jaybird, at one of the small docks near the marina on St. Simons Tuesday morning.  First, we headed out to catch some bait fish.

Olivia didn't actually drive the boat but she probably could have done a fine job.

No one else jumped at the chance to reel in the first bite, so I did.  Unfortunately, mine was the first one to get away.  According to Jaybird, my shark was probably the biggest (maybe based on the fact that it put up the biggest fight, I don't really know)... 7 1/2 feet long and 200 pounds.  We'll never know so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  (Plus, this is the only picture we have of me during the entire shark fishing expedition so I had to post it!)

Will and McIver reeled in the next two sharks at the same time.  It was quite busy on the boat for a little while.

Jaybird estimated that Will's shark was almost 5 feet long and weighted about 90 pounds.

Jaybird was busy helping McIver with his catch while Will fought his shark.

Pop got in on the action with Mac so that Jaybird could get Will's shark close enough to the boat for a picture.

Those are some proud fishermen!

Olivia finally got the courage to put on the 'butt guard' to reel in her own shark.  (McIver loved having an excuse to say 'butt.')  Olivia actually had a bit of bad luck to begin with (her first two attempts got away) before she caught the biggest shark of the day.

Check this guy (or girl) out! Jaybird's guess was that this one measured 5 feet, 100+ pounds.  He was flailing all around and banging into the side of the boat so we didn't get any closer than this ... and this was plenty close!

My sweet boy loved our fishing trip.

Olivia was WIPED OUT from the heat of the middle of the day and she was a bit disappointed that our last three bites got away.

McIver had had just about enough of shark fishing ... good thing we were headed back to the dock.

Wait!  Jaybird asked the kids to empty the bait tank ... that perked them up a little bit.

Love this shot of Pop, Will and Mac.

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