Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St. Simons 2011

Day Two:
Will managed to push Marley (all 105 pounds of him) into the pool.  We think he's part Great Dane, part lab, so it seemed like he would love it...

...but he wanted OUT, ASAP.  Will had to drag him around the entire edge of the pool to get him to the steps.  It looked like he could have just stepped out, though, since he's so darn big.
(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures - my camera fogged up when I went outside.)

We found a much less crowded spot to park it on the beach on Sunday.

Can you say, "low tide?"  They had to hike 400 yards to get the boogie boards to the ocean.

Just hanging on the beach with Nanoo and Pop.

They buried me in the sand and turned me into a mermaid (those are supposed to be sea shells).

Mac takes a turn in the sand.

Dinner (and a video game) at The Shak.  Apparently, this place has been around for years, but I had never noticed it.  It's just off the island and looks like a great place to eat oysters and watch some football.

Pop, and Olivia humored me with a picture.

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