Tuesday, August 9, 2011

St. Simons 2011

Last Day at the Beach:

Everyone else was still taking it easy so I got dressed and packed up a cooler, my book and a chair and headed to my new favorite spot on St. Simons ... the veeeeeery end of East Beach.  There are only a few parking spots so there's plenty of beach to go around.  It's also pretty rocky so there aren't too many families with young children down at this end, especially at high tide when it's too rocky to play.  I pretty much had it all to myself.

Then, Will and the kids came to find me.  Like I said, it was too rocky to play where I was so we moved down to the 6th street beach access closer to the house.    The waves were great for boogie boarding.

And building drip castles with huge bunkers around it to keep the tide from knocking it down.

Pop and Cacoo came to join us for a while.

Then, per our typical afternoon, once we were done on the beach, we hit the pool for a little while.  Catherine's sweet puppy, Sam, loves to swim almost as much as Tex.

Then, after dinner, Olivia decorated the basement room so that we could surprise Cacoo and Pop with a little birthday celebration (late for Cacoo and early for Pop).

Tex was sad that his time in St. Simons had to come to an end ... but I think he's glad not to have to share the attention of three other dogs, too.

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