Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

Olivia invited her friend Kit to spend Labor Day weekend at the lake with us.  

Mac and Dad went out for a cruise in the kayaks.

Preparing for a ride behind the jet ski.  They were very particular about what kind of waves I took them on, how fast I went and who I was supposed to be trying to knock off. For the record, I got them both!

Mac had a friend join us for the day on Sunday.  They spent most of the time fishing, but we also went for a boat ride out to Bomb Island.  It was too early for the purple martins but the girls enjoyed a quick swim.  Then, Will took the boys back into the cove for some more serious fishing.

Will and McIver left out lines on Saturday and Sunday night.  Sunday morning, they woke to find one bent hook and a line with no hook.  So, Dad bought stronger line figuring whatever got the hook and bait was just too strong for the line they were using.  When they checked the lines this morning, they found the same thing ... 

Pulling in the second line this morning ... no hook and chewed up line.

Mac was so disgusted he wouldn't even look at me!  Better luck next time, boys!

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