Thursday, September 22, 2011

Olivia's First Girls Weekend - Saturday

I was lucky enough to wake up pretty early on Saturday morning and enjoyed an hour or so to myself.  I flipped through some magazines, relished the cool mountain air and the peace and quiet.

Then the girls woke up ... they were ready for pancakes and bacon ... and presents!
I loved that they sat around gabbing in their pajamas most of the morning.

Then, another turn in the hot tub with goggles from the treasure chest.

Sadie and her children were coming for the night so the girls got busy decorating the driveway to welcome them.

Showing off their handiwork.

Once Sadie and her crew unloaded, we headed to the playground.  The girls had a blast climbing the giant hill to the lake on the other side.

What a shot!

On the way back down the hill, they spotted a deer.  (We saw more deer on this trip than I've ever seen at Big Canoe!)  They really thought they were going to be able to get close enough to pet it.  

Sweet friends!

After running around on the field playing soccer with Julia and James.

We loaded up in Sadie's minivan and went to Forno's Pizza for dinner.  The big girls had 42 popsicles each while they relaxed in the hot tub (as if they were ever stressed!).  Sadie and I brought our pizza home so we could enjoy a glass of wine and visit without having to ride herd on our crowd.

Even though I ended up missing my 20th high school reunion, I think it was a great weekend.  Olivia was so excited to be able to celebrate her birthday on her actual day with some good friends.  She loved being able to bring them to the mountains and they all had a blast.  There wasn't a cross word between any of them.  May she always treasure her friends and enjoy special times like these with them.

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