Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Olivia's First Girls Weekend

Olivia decided that she would like to invite some friends to the mountains to celebrate her 10th (DOUBLE DIGITS!!) birthday.  I decided that she could bring four friends and everyone she invited was able to make it.  I picked them up from school on Friday and we hit the road.

On our way in to Big Canoe, we stopped for dinner at Fuego's.  The girls had all changed clothes and were excited to have me take their picture together on the way in.

Fuego's was packed so we were in the back room.  The girls ordered Jarritos to drink ... an orange-flavored mexican soft drink.

Once we got to the house and got the car unloaded, we started the treasure hunt that Pop had put together for Olivia the prior weekend when we was up there.  The girls had a BALL running from room to room trying to find the clues.

Olivia reading the first clue.
Pop was pretty clever ... he even put some dummy clues around the house to throw them off the trail

We almost gave up on the final clue ... even though the note said they might need MY help, we just couldn't figure it out.  After a late-night phone call to Nanoo & Pop (who were in Orlando for a conference), Pop gave us the extra clue we needed.  Olivia did the honors of climbing into the attic in the garage to bring down the treasure chest.

It was FILLED with goodies for the girls ... stuffed animals, puzzles, leis, candy/cookies and more.

The girls had a great time going through the loot and then decided to watch a movie and go to bed.  (I went straight to bed - it was well past midnight by this point!)

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