Sunday, September 11, 2011

New York Trip

We were supposed to have a direct flight to New York last Tuesday, but the rain in New York made travel difficult.  Our original flight was cancelled (thank goodness Will checked his email!), so Will jumped through the hoops of getting us rescheduled.  It was a beautiful day in Columbia so it seemed crazy that we weren't flying due to weather.  

After almost missing our connection in Charlotte, we made it to the very last row of seats.  We sat with a very nice guy who was on his way from Savannah back to New York.  We chatted for a bit and when he realized we were going to be tourists, he gave us some suggestions of his own.  We parted ways once the plane landed and went to baggage claim and then the taxi line, which looked to be about two hours long.  After about 10 minutes in line, and not moving very far, all of a sudden, a black Land Rover pulled up in between two buses and offered a ride to anyone going to the Kimberly Hotel.  Will and I were shocked (and delighted!) when we realized it was the man from the plane and he was offering to drive us into the city!  We immediately hopped in his car and thanked him profusely.  He told us he just couldn't leave the airport in good conscience after seeing that taxi line ... and people say New Yorkers aren't nice!

Per the suggestion of our new BFF, we went straight to PJ Clarke's after checking in and dropping off our bags.  It wasn't until we sat down that Will and I decided we should be thankful this guy wasn't an ax murderer!

Dinner was great and we got a few more suggestions for must-see places to go/see/eat from our waitress (whose mother lives in Myrtle Beach).  Even though she said it would be very 'touristy' of me, she didn't give me too hard a time when I asked her to take our picture.  (In my defense, I waited to ask until most of the other diners had left!)

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