Thursday, September 1, 2011

Super Fun Lake Weekend

Our Supper Club decided to host an end-of-summer bash at the lake last weekend.  The organizing got a little mixed-up and I ended up also signing up to play in the InterClub Tennis Tournament (in my defense, the last email I saw suggested that we postpone the party until the fall and turn it into an oyster roast).  Anyway, we had the Mashburns and the Isemans spend the night at the lake with us Friday night.

Night swimming was super fun.

Tex didn't know what to think when he couldn't see the tennis ball in the lake.

The Mashburns brought their dog, Skittles, to spend the weekend with us.  He's a German short-haired pointer and he liked to flop his paws in the water and eat the bubbles.  They swear that he has webbed feet and is meant to be a swimmer, but I've never seen a dog swim like that in my life.  He had a one-track mind when he was swimming ... eat the bubbles.  So, he just swam and swam, following the bubbles that he was making.  He had to be rescued several times by boat and jet ski.  It didn't help that we had white-cap-type waves thanks to the remains for Hurricane Irene.

We finally got some kayaks that are perfect for cruising around our cove... much easier to do on a calm day.  Check out those waves behind the dock.  It looked more like an ocean than a lake on Saturday.

Ford has been in Olivia's class for the last two years, but they are not in the same 4th grade class.  We have invited his family to the lake several times but the stars just weren't aligned.  We were so glad they could make it this time.  This is actually the last picture I took before leaving to go play tennis.

I returned from tennis at 5:00 to find a yard FULL of cars and everyone having a great time.  We had about 30 families for a total of about 65 people.  Tupp and Ramelle pretty much ran the show, manned the grill and handled the food/serving while I was gone.  Will was (still) on the jetski taking kids for a ride on the tube.  That's where he was when I left.  So, once I changed out of my tennis clothes and said hello to everyone, I took over driving the jet ski.  By then, the water had calmed down a little bit.

It was a whole lot easier to paddle around in the kayaks once the wind was gone... and easier for Tex to swim.

Most everyone cleared out by dark so the rest of us who were spending the night (the Mashburns, the McKains, half of the Cannon family and the Browns) sat on the deck re-hashing the day.  We woke up to beautiful weather on Sunday and took our time having breakfast (after rescuing Skittles once again), cleaning up and taking in one last jet ski ride.

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