Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Tex

Will and the children went to Sumter last night to pick up our newest family member . . .  meet Tex!

Olivia and McIver already love him to pieces.  We were up until 10pm last night just watching him, snuggling with him and playing with him.  They wanted to hurry up and decide who gets to feed him every day and whose responsibility it is to take him out to potty, etc.

Olivia was first to wake up this morning.  She came BOUNDING down the stairs about 6:30.  Unfortunately for her, I had already been up and taken Tex out to potty and given him some breakfast.

Couldn't you just eat him up!?

This is the happiest McIver has been this early in the morning for quite some time.  Once he got dressed, he took Tex to the dog run to play until time for carpool.  I think he has met his match energy-wise!

Will mentioned to me last night as we were going to bed that Murphy had a ticking clock wrapped in a sock in his crate with him when he was a puppy.  So, it was my mission this morning to find one for Tex.  Did you know that it is not an easy task to find a clock that ticks these days?  I went to Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond and finally found one at Walgreens.  He already loves it!

Now that Tex is all settled in, I'm headed to Atlanta to meet the YaYas for the weekend.  Will is going to hold down the fort with Olivia and McIver.  I fully expect Tex to be crate trained, potty trained and following at least 2 basic commands by the time I return on Sunday!  (tee hee)

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