Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 in Murrells Inlet - Thursday

Once McIver discovered the creek bed, he was happy to just explore.

Olivia & Amelia on the porch playing with Tex (who had moved on to more exciting things).

Tex found his spot in GranDaddy's lap again.  I love the look on JuliAnna's face - she wasn't quite sure what to think of Tex.  She has two cats at home, Daisy and Maddux, so she's not so used to dogs.

Will and Olivia borrowed Uncle Sammy's boat for the day so that we could enjoy the beautiful weather. Everyone was so excited to get out on the water.

Tex's first boat ride - he doesn't have his sea legs quite yet, but he did love the beach when they stopped by The Point on the way home.

Mamoo was glad to have the chance to hold Jenna.  She's a sweet, sweet baby!

Holding Tex came in a distant 2nd to holding her great-grand daughter.  But Tex didn't mind playing 2nd fiddle - he stayed in Mamoo's lap for a good long while.

Will, cousin David and brother Jay (far right) manning the turkey fryer.

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