Monday, November 23, 2009

Move over Pele!

Tex loves to play soccer.  Olivia checked out a book about raising puppies from the library at school.  It mentioned how puppies need lots of playtime and that lots of puppies like to play soccer.  We immediately headed outside to see if Tex was one of those puppies . . . he is!  He loves to chase the ball and even attacks it when we kick it (softly) toward him.

Thought this picture was a good way to show just how tiny Tex is.  (Took him to the vet today for his shorts - he weighs 6.07 pounds.)

And, this, is what Charlotte thinks of Tex.  We had gotten down some boxes and packing paper that we saved for the Isemans' move and Charlotte finally found a spot where she can see Tex, but he can't see her.  She spent about 3 days heading to this spot when he first came home.  Right now, she's on the desk next to the computer as I type and he's curled up in my lap.  I can even hear her purring.  We're making progress!

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