Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 in Murrells Inlet - Friday

Will played golf Friday morning with a big crowd from Myrtle Beach, so GranGran, Kelli and I took the children to Broadway at the Beach.  We had lunch and then took them to ride a few rides.

It was too cold for ice cream, but they couldn't resist having their picture taken at Ben & Jerry's.

Amelia LOVES a merry-go-round, so that was her first stop.  Olivia, of course, wanted to do whatever Amelia did.  She'll be a great babysitter one day!

McIver was disappointed in the rides - he knows that there's a 'nostalgia' area with bigger rides, but Amelia wouldn't have been able to ride anything.  He made do with this Frog Hopper, even though he could have climbed up the pole faster than the ride went!

I promised the children a trip to It'Sugar - a huge candy store.  Each child filled up a tube with colored/flavored sugar.

Just what they needed before a long car ride home!

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