Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers' Day 2011/ Camp Gravatt Pick-Up

Other than picking McIver up from Camp Gravatt, Will had a pretty uneventful Fathers Day.

McIver was only a little bit glad to see us.  He had a great time at camp and told me he wished "it was still Monday so he could still go to camp."  The first 30 minutes of our car ride home was just McIver's stream of consciousness talking about anything and everything at camp.  He assured me that he took three showers - whether or not he used shampoo and soap is up for debate.  He admitted that there were two nights that he forgot to brush his teeth, but said he brushed them twice the next morning.  He was responsible for packing up his trunk and it seems that the only thing missing is his bath towel and maybe a pair of shorts.  Not bad for a seven year old!

Saying good-bye to his Cabin 1 friends (who we will probably run into around town soon!)

He just HAD to show us the dining hall where he told us about being a 'cruiser,' one of the kids who brings the food to the tables.  He said the food was great and he ate everything.

Zombie Night was his favorite.

We stopped by the house to pick up Tex and spend the afternoon/night at the lake.  McIver was pretty wiped out and spent the day doing whatever he wanted which involved a great deal of television and some time next door talking the neighbors' ears off about Pokemon cards.  At one point, he decided he wanted to know exactly how many cards he has.

Grand total: 598 cards

We found the Pawleys Porch truck at the Lake Murray Marina and had a delicious hamburger for lunch.  (Can't wait to take the Stricklins there when they visit next month!!)  I took him for a spin on the inner tube and then we settled in to watch Rory win the US Open and the Gamecocks pull out a win over Texas A&M.

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Meghan said...

I forgot about the "cruisers!" Sounds like he had a blast.