Monday, June 13, 2011

Rockrook Camp Drop-Off

We woke up early enough on Sunday morning to leave the house by 6am.  Olivia and Kit wanted to get to camp 'first thing.'  The drive up was relatively easy and uneventful.  One we unloaded the trunks and got the girls checked in, we stopped by the mail slots to see if they had mailing waiting.

Olivia had two letters - one from Cacoo and one from Aunt Jane.  She decided to wait until the normal mail time - after lunch - to open her mail.  I'm glad she'll have something to do to keep her busy during her first rest period (when she wrote the "I hate camp" letter last year).

Kit had a letter waiting on her, too.

Olivia had fun getting her bed made and her bunk all set up.  She loves those zebra print sheets that she picked out (and paid for!) all on her own.

We were shocked to find out that their cabin-mates are from Houston.  Lupe's, anyone!?  The girl in the middle is their counselor.  She was amazing!   Lyndsey is outgoing and easy to talk to (for both the mamas and the girls!).

McIver was a trooper all day!  He went with the flow all day long (starting at 5:40am).  He noticed this tree and its roots on our walk back to the car and he wanted to have his picture taken with it.  He was sure that a snake would live under those roots.  That shoe box that he's holding is full of Pokemon cards that kept him occupied while I helped get the girls settled.

Now, it's his turn to get to go to camp!!

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