Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lake with the Pritchetts

Finally!  After almost two years living just over an hour way, we had a visit with the Pritchetts in Columbia.  Will took Mark to play golf while Ashley and I took the kids to the pool.  Sweet Helen loved having Olivia's undivided attention and going back and forth from the big pool to the baby pool.  I loved the chance to visit with Ashley and just hang out.

After lunch, we took the kids out to the lake for the afternoon.  The dads met us out there after golf.  Helen loved floating around in the lake.  We took a little boat cruise.  Does Will look relaxed, or what!?

Helen Randall loved sitting up front with me.

Not so much a fan of driving the boat, though.

She had a big day.  Poor thing, she hung in there as best she could, but managed to stay awake for dinner before completely crashing for the night.

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*Kelly* said...

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Love the boating pictures....makes me want to get out of the house and head to the lake.