Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Front Yard Project

Like I mentioned in another post, we've been working on the Curb Appeal of our house. It's hard to believe that we've already been here close to 3 years. The countdown is on - it'll probably be less than 12 months before we'll be putting the house on the market. We hope that will give this little project plenty of time to settle in. So, here you go...
Front of house when we bought it. About a year ago, Will trimmed back the boxwoods so that you could see the fence behind it, but they didn't exactly grow all the way back in.
When I got home from a birthday party with the kids 2 Saturdays ago, Will had pulled up all the boxwoods. The next day, we got busy pulling out the roots, bricks, and whatever else we found in the bed.

McIver was a HUGE (ha, ha!) help getting the top soil in place.
Here's the top soil in place - now all we need to do is decide what plants to put in. We have a friend with an account at a great wholesale nursery. She placed an order for us and the kids and I picked it up today after the gym. We decided on 5 3-gallon plumbago and 10 1-gallon daylilies. This spot gets LOTS of sun from about 11am through the rest of the day so those plants ought to do just fine. Here's the next step... plumbagos in, 10 daylilies to go.
The daylilies were a lot harder to put in b/c I had to even out the monkey grass - and pull out about a truckload of bricks. Now I've gotten 2 workouts today!

I'm disppointed that the pictures don't show the colors as well as they look in real life. The plumbago have tons of blooms and are a beautiful shade of blue. Not all of the daylilies have flowers yet, but there are lots of blooms just waiting to open. I'm really proud of my little (huge) gardening job and will work extra hard not to ruin it by letting them die from my not-so-green thumb. Will has promised that he'll set up a watering system so that they'll be taken care of while we're touring GA and SC next month.

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Liz said...

Hi Nikki! I just came on over to say hi! Your house is looking great. Moving back to the SE somewhere? Your kids are very cute-McIver would fit right in with my boys-they love to wear boots with shorts. Go figure!