Saturday, June 14, 2008

Galveston with the Taylors

After a busy morning of swim lessons and VBS on Friday, the kids and I loaded up for an afternoon in Galveston with the Taylors. Adrienne was in Olivia's kindergarten class and I have enjoyed becoming friends with her mom, Emily. Mark Andrew is Adrienne's older brother, almost 3rd grade, and is a super sweet kid. We had a very enjoyable drive down to Galveston and made it to the Pocket Park by about 2:15. We had a couple of hours to enjoy the beach (and lots of waves) before Adrienne met up with a jellyfish. She recovered nicely, but we had to pack up earlier than we had anticipated.

McIver built volcanoes for his dinosaurs.
Waiting for the perfect wave to body surf.
Olivia loved being out in the ocean. I can't wait to get to Myrtle Beach so she'll be able to really enjoy it this summer.
After getting Adrienne some medicine for her sting, we went to the Strand in Galveston. LaKing's is an old fashioned soda fountain with more candy than you can imagine, a taffy-pulling machine and a few rides. It was nice to be out of the sun and in the cool of the AC.
This was a pretty good way to recover from a jellyfish sting.

Adrienne and Olivia decided to share an ice cream sundae. I'm pretty sure it was Olivia's first one.

McIver saw no reason to share!

Emily and I couldn't just sit by while the kids enjoyed ice cream so we shared an old-fashioned banana split. Tasty!

As you can see, McIver really likes Mark Andrew. The kids all had a great time in the town square area playing with the huge chess board. Olivia wasn't happy that we couldn't get back to the beach, though.

McIver, after 2 failed attempts with 2 other horses, finally was able to feed a horse from his palm. The Tim McGraw wanna-be carriage driver was very nice, even though we refused all of his attempts at slashing his prices to take a carriage ride. It just wasn't in the cards. And, for the record, he was about 50 pounds heavier and 10 teeth shy of looking remotely like Tim McGraw!

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