Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day 2008

Will was on call yesterday so he couldn't make it to church with us this morning. But, the kids were super excited to get home so they could give him the cards they made and he could open his gifts. We gave him a photo album of our trip to Disney World and a book by Carl Hiassen, The Downhill Lie: A Hacker's Return to a Ruinous Sport. It's about a man's return to golf after 32 years of not playing. (And, no, I'm not suggesting that Will retire from golf for 32 years - it just seemed like something he'd like to read when he's not making cancer history!) We also bought Will a pair of boots last weekend, so we're including them among his Fathers Day gifts.
I'm sad to report that Will spent part of Fathers Day doing yard work, probably not his first choice of activities, but it had to be done. We set up some soaker hoses to try to keep the new plants alive in the front flower bed. Once all that was done, he managed to enjoy several hours of US Open golf. McIver is finally interested in watching golf with Will so it's really fun to listen to him try to explain to Will what is going on. Apparently, McIver's 'other mom' (from his imaginary family) has a magic golf finger - "all she does is point her finger where she wants the ball to go and it goes there. So when she wants to hit it in the hole, she just points to it."
McIver's very interested in Tiger Woods - I told him that Tiger eats a lot of fruits and vegetables so he can be strong to play golf and hit the ball far. We'll see if that rubs off on him - I'm not holding my breath.
Rocco Mediate may be a new favorite golfer of mine. He just seemed so kind and to be a genuinely good sport. Poor guy - he probably won't know what hit him tomorrow in the play-off once Tiger's had a chance to rest that knee.
Once the golf ended on television, Will went out to play all manner of sports with the kids. McIver was the coach, so the rules of the made-up game were a little wacky. (Check out his new 'Spider Man exercise shirt' from Gran Gran. It's a HUGE hit!)

Olivia hit 3 balls over Mrs. Martin's fence! Check out that concentration...

Happy Fathers' Day, Will! We love you...

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