Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random June Happenings

Here's Olivia after getting her face painted at the EYC Auction at Palmer a few weeks ago. They were raising money to help fund a mission trip to Honduras. This picture was actually taken in May, but who's keeping track.

Playdates with friends

(This is Shannon - one of the twins we met at the Meet the Teacher day last summer. It turned out that she and her twin brother, Reagan, were in O's class. I became friends with their mom, Blakely, and we've had a fun time so far this summer meeting up at the pool, having play dates and making plans for the kids to get together this summer.) Shannon, Reagan, Olivia & McIver are all going to gymnastics camp together next week.

First of all, let me say that McIver dressed himself. There's no way that I would have put him in a long-sleeved shirt (even if it is Clemson colors!) when it's 99 degrees outside. But, we were lucky enough to be the beneficiary of a few of Reagan's hand-me-downs and McIver has insisted on wearing as many of Reagan's clothes in one day as he possibly can.
In case you can't see what is in McIver's pocketbook (which he borrowed from Olivia), it's a frog. The poor thing is probably scared to death. This was taken just a few moments before his release back into the wild of our backyard.
Olivia is taking a reading class (although it turns out to be much more than just reading, they're also doing math, counting money and more) again this summer. She adores the teachers and we are lucky enough to live around the corner from where the class is being held this year. After walking her to class for the last 3 weeks, she decided today that she's ready to ride there by herself. Look at how proud she is! (sniff, sniff - my baby is growing up!)

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