Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swim Lessons

Olivia and McIver have really love swim lessons so far. The only tough part last week was that their lessons were from 8:30 - 9am and VBS started at 9am. So, we were late every day, but no one seemed to mind.

McIver loved the one-on-one attention from Tim.

Using the kickboard to hold steady while he turns (just his head) to take a breath.

Quick picture break!
Olivia and Katie discussing the plan for FunDay Friday lessons - going off the diving board. Olivia also told Katie that she really wants to learn how to 'really dive.'
Olivia is a bit advanced for swimming through the hula hoop - but she thought it was great fun.

We have 4 more lessons next week which will be fun.

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Kelli Merritt said...

We can't wait to see these little fish swim in Myrtle Beach.