Monday, June 2, 2008

Picnic at Godwin Park last Friday

The first day of summer was a blast. We all took our time waking up (except for Will, of course, who left the house at the crack of dawn). The kids watched some television in the morning, then joined me in the front yard while I cut the grass. It's as thick as carpet so we were out there for a while. They played in the driveway, went for walks up and down the street, and rode bikes to the cul-de-sac and back.

Then, we met a whole bunch of school friends for a picnic at the playground right next to Kolter. Every family brought something yummy to share - we took KFC, so tasty! The kids all played so well together - we really didn't have to run interference at all. McIver probably caused the most concern b/c of his tendency to disappear. It never took long to find him - he was either on the other side of the hill or by the basket ball court watching the big kids play. Will even joined us for a little while on his way home from work. I think there was too much estrogen for him - he made a plate of food, met everyone and took off to enjoy some time in an empty house.

McIver and Jake spent some quality time trying to destroy ants.
Big kids at play - play, kids, play.
Adrienne, Shannon, Olivia, Haley, Reagan, Jaclyn and Hayley's big brother, Trevor
It was such a good time, we all agreed to get together again over the summer ... a lot.
(Thanks, again, to Jean for the pictures!)

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