Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of 1st Grade

Olivia's first day of school got off to a great start. She woke up excited and ready to go. Breakfast wasn't all that interesting to her, though; I think she was just a little too nervous to eat. We had plenty of time to take a few pictures before loading up to go to First Grade!

Here's Olivia showing off her Hannah Montana lunch kit - also looks like she's practicing for a future on The Price is Right.
Yea! Dad was still home this morning to take a few pictures and send Olivia to school with a good luck hug and kiss.
We ran into friends on our way into school. This lightened the mood considerably - Olivia's grip on my hand had tightened by this point, but seeing smiles on her friends' faces eased her anxiety.
It didn't take long to find a seat. Here's Olivia waiting for Adrienne to arrive.
Now look how excited she is!
This does a mama's heart good - more smiles after school! That's Mrs. Hartman over Olivia's shoulder.
Last year after the 1st day of Kindergarten, we went to TCBY for an after-school treat. When we drove up today - it was closed. Never fear, we rounded the corner and enjoyed a quick ice cream from the Marble Slab. Dad was NOT AT ALL happy that we went without him!
We took McIver to KukSool (I didn't forget that today was the day!) and then headed home. Olivia's homework assignment was to decorate a paper lunch sack and choose three things to take to school in it tomorrow that will tell her class a little bit about herself. She decorated the bag with her trademark 'flying princess crown' and wrote "I Love You" on the bag (I'm assuming she meant that part for Mrs. Hartman). She included a picture of herself in her elephant dance costume, a Barbie doll and a Hannah Montana CD insert.
Check out this homework desk set-up!

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Mrs. Phillips said...

Looks like Olivia had a great st day of school...1st grade rocks!