Saturday, August 2, 2008

Worms, worms EVERYwhere!

Yuck! Ginny & Jimmy have a family of bluebirds in their backyard that they feed, house and watch. It's fun to see the mommy bird grab a worm and feed it to the wide-mouthed baby bird (although, Jimmy feels like the baby bird is really ready to eat on his own and it seems that the mommy bird isn't ready to let go). Anyway, they feed them worms - a new package arrived in the mail on Saturday afternoon. Jimmy opened it up (thank goodness he was outside!) and worms went EVERYwhere! He called for Olivia and McIver to come help round them up.

When I went outside, this is what I found...
McIver showing off his collection method - picking up the worms with his fingers and putting them into the lid of a cooler. (Note to GranGran: you'll need to wash that lid!) GranDaddy nixed McIver's first idea which was to somehow use the lawnmower to pick up the worms.
Olivia's method was a bit less hands-on... she scooped the worms, using GranGran's visor, into a dustpan.
See all those little brown specks - those would be the worms.
These pictures really don't do justice to the fact that the worms were everywhere. G&J keep them in the fridge in a tupperware container filled with worms and cornmeal (wouldn't want the worms to starve as they wait to be served up as a meal to the bluebirds!). So, I've only seen the worms when they're cold. Let me tell you, those worms must have known their fate b/c they were FAST as lightning trying to get away from everyone scooping them up. I was impressed.

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