Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're home...

Our last day in Maconwas a bonus day since we decided to fly out a day later to miss Tropical Storm Edouard, which turned out to be a non-event for Houston, was pretty uneventful. I considered taking the kids to Starcadia (a small amusement park near Mom & Tom's house) but decided against it since it was 100+ degrees and I would have been by myself with them. There were some height limitations and I would not have been able to let Olivia ride a ride by herself. Anyway, we opted for Chuck E Cheese - since the kids don't know anything about Starcadia, this was a fine alternative.

We also made one last visit with each of the Grandmas - Grandma Myrtle (my dad's mom) and Grandma Janet (my mom's mom). It was great to get to see them one last time before our trek home. And, Grandma Myrtle even read one of my favorite books growing up to the kids - The Little Bug Who Went Ka-Choo. Now THAT is a special sight - to see my grandmother reading to my children from a book that she probably read to me countless times.

Had an early morning today - I couldn't sleep well since I was worried about getting up on time. So, I've pretty much been awake since 2am (EST) aside from a small catnap on the plane. Woke the kids up at 5am to leave for the airport. They were super excited to get to wear their pajamas on the plane. We had plenty of time to check in and get settled at the airport. (Although, I did have to pay $29 for my suitcase - NOT, I repeat, NOT, because it weighed too much, but because it was too big. WHAT!? I've flown with that suitcase countless times in the last many years and it has never been a problem. But, what was I supposed to do? I paid it, complained to the first AirTran person I saw and left it at that.)

Flight was only OK - I guess the kids were tired b/c they were at each other for a fair amount of the time. Olivia even cried real tears b/c McIver won a princess DVD game that they were playing. Then the battery on the DVD player gave out so we were all upset about that! Anyway, we got our luggage without any trouble and our friends, the Netherys, picked us up. We were all glad to see them. We've been home for several hours now and I'm still procrastinating b/c the task of unpacking just doesn't appeal. And, I'm exhausted. The good news is that the kids are glad to be back at home with their own toys/rooms and have been playing well together and alone since we got home. (Well, except for when I discovered that they had taken the AC vent off and were 'fixing it' with the real hammer and screwdriver!)

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