Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas with Nanoo, Pop & Cacoo

It was still snowing when Nanoo, Pop and Cacoo arrived in Columbia.  Olivia was SO excited to have some uninterrupted time with Cacoo.  They got busy building a snowman.  McIver wasn't interested in getting his layers on, so he watched from the dining room window.

I had never actually seen anyone make a snowman by rolling the snow into a ball, but you can see the tracks that Olivia and Cacoo made.  It totally worked!  And, Olivia was stylin' in her new "Uggs."

How cute are they!?  They were so proud of their snowman.  Too bad his head ended up falling off.  He ended up with a small pumpkin as a head, which was later destroyed by two little boys playing football in the front yard.

Pop and two of his girls.

Day After Christmas Dinner - Will's fried turkey, the Pioneer Woman's Creamy Rosemary Potatoes (that's not the exact recipe, but it's pretty close), Nanoo's dressing, the Best Broccoli Ever, and leftover mac and cheese and broccoli salad from our Christmas dinner.  It was soooo good - and so much food that we had to serve from the kitchen because there wasn't enough room for everything in the table.

Nanoo and Pop give Will Vince Flynn's new book every year for Christmas.  The only problem is that the book is published in October so he has to wait three months to get it.  He almost had his hands on a copy when we were in Myrtle Beach; I don't know how he could have helped himself.  But, it didn't work out and now he's enjoying his latest addition to the Vince Flynn collection.

McIver got a cool set of hat/gloves, but he had to open his next gift with the gloves on.  It proved to be pretty funny - and slowed down the whole gift-opening process.

Nanoo brought her dogs with her - Pepper and Marley (who is actually Cacoo's dog).  Marley is only five months old, but is already bigger than Tex.  Those dogs, and Skittles, played long and hard together and were exhausted by the end of every night.  Here they are enjoying the fire.

The final gift (and the biggest present) of the night had Olivia and McIver very, very curious.  Once they finally opened it, they were PSYCHED that it was a popcorn maker.  The kids and I put it together today (without Dad's help and without killing eachother!!) and it's almost as tall as Olivia.  We can't wait to use it for our party on New Years Day.

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