Monday, January 24, 2011

Vail 2011 - Day 5

We were supposed to go snowmobiling on Wednesday, but it was snowing again.  Will and David decided the snow was just too good to miss, so they hit the slopes.  Dawn and I needed a break from skiing, so we planned a fun day in the Village with the kids.

They started the day with breakfast popsicles in the hot tub.  McIver wasn't a fan of the snow, in fact he kept shouting, "I hate snow," so he didn't get in the hot tub.

I don't know the actual criteria for a White Out, but we had to have been close.  This is the view from the kitchen window ... fabulous!!

We hit the toy and candy store in Vail Village.  McIver found a magic trick, but Olivia had her heart set on a husky Webkin.  Each child filled up a bag with candy and then we had lunch at Los Amigos.  It was on the second floor so we had a good view of the snow falling.  The kids were excited about the Cokes we let them order with lunch.

Andrew took a picture of Dawn and me.

After lunch, we stopped by another store hoping to find Olivia's Webkin.  She found exactly what she was looking for - a husky which she named Snowball.  Then, we headed to a really cool bowling alley for a Kids vs. Moms competition.

McIver showing off his whistle/compass/magnifying glass camping tool.

Olivia showing off the kids' score - they won!

Our bowling crew.

We made another stop at The Golden Bear, a Vail jewelry store.  I had my heart set on some sort of trinket that would remind me of all of the great times we've had in Vail.  The sales lady kept trying to sell me on the bear which is a symbol for Vail, but I settled on some small, everyday hoops instead.  

Once we got back to the house, Peggy Pa made some delicious cheese and chocolate fondu.  Olivia wasn't a fan of the cheese fondu, but she dug right into the chocolate.

After fondue, we played a few rounds of Minute to Win It.  We broke into teams and pulled tissues out of tissue boxes, unrolled toilet paper rolls,  and balanced crackers on foreheads.  Will wasn't sufficiently impressed so he upped the ante - he challenged us to move Apple Jacks from one bowl to another using just toothpicks.  It was a scream - but did not make for good pictures so you'll just have to use your imagination!

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