Tuesday, January 11, 2011


McIver and I were the only ones to stay up until midnight on New Years Eve.  We watched the ball drop together and then went outside to look for some fireworks.  

We had a bunch of people over on New Years Day and needed to go pick up the barbecue on New Years morning.  First, though, a stop for breakfast at Lizards Thicket.  The kids found a way to entertain themselves while waiting for our order to be delivered.

The New Years party was great fun.  We had a ton of people come over for Will's collard greens and black-eyed peas.  The barbecue from Hudson's was totally worth the trip to Lexington to get it.  Once everyone had a chance to get some food, the kids were eager to get the popcorn machine going.  They were very orderly about the whole process.

These girls decided to be the servers.

Kids were everywhere - playing kick the can, air hockey, just running around in general, playing football, etc.  And, thankfully, the rain held off until just after everyone left.

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