Wednesday, January 12, 2011


School was actually cancelled Sunday night, but I didn't tell the children because I knew it would be hard for them to go to sleep.  I woke up at 3am and saw the snow and couldn't even get back to sleep. Will's office closed, too, but he left at 6am to get to the hospital for surgery.  One of his patients cancelled but he was able to do the other two surgeries.

Look who I found curled up in Will's chair Monday morning when I came downstairs!  Tex must love the new fireplace, too.

 Olivia went outside with me to get the wood for the fire.  She loves her new snow boots (but I do think it's time to take off the tag!).

Tex keeps going out into the snow by himself and taking bites of it.  He comes back in with a wet nose.

The kids and I curled up in the living room in front of a roaring fire watching Harry Potter together. 

Tex and Skittles had fun wrestling in the snow together.  We had to keep a dog towel by the back door to dry off their feet every time they came inside.  Only problem is that Skittles can open our back door by himself so we couldn't necessarily get to them before they tracked wet paw prints all over the house.

We finally got dressed and bundled up to go for a walk in the snow.


We spent Monday night hanging out with our neighbors.  They have a generator so we even packed a bag in case the power went out.  Once we found out school was cancelled for Tuesday, we let the kids spend the night over there.  Will's office closed again on Tuesday so he was able to sleep in and just go to the hospital to make rounds.

I walked Olivia to a friend's house Tuesday after lunch.  She was glad for a change of scenery and I enjoyed getting out of the house and walking around. Our neighborhood is just beautiful and covered with snow/ice still.

Will's rounds ended up lasting longer than he anticipated so he eager to get out of the house.  He suggested Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and the rest of us jumped at the chance to get out.  It was total sensory overload for McIver!  He was amazed at ALL of the televisions and couldn't decide where to look.

Olivia must have been starving because she downed her cheeseburger.  BWW was pretty packed - we weren't the only ones with cabin fever.

We got an email last night that we would have a delayed opening this morning (Wednesday).  So, the kids were able to take their time getting up, but we agreed that once they were up, we'd go ahead and eat breakfast and get dressed (no lounging around for us today!).  So, they were all set and ready for carpool by 8:15. We came downstairs and McIver finished up his Special Assignment for school and studied some spelling words.  I had lunch boxes out on the counter waiting to be filled.  Backpacks were packed by the front door.  Then, I checked my email ... they decided to close school AGAIN ... for the third day in a row.  Apparently, the roads to school are still not super clear and the high today is only 30 degrees.  They just didn't feel like they could risk sending buses out to pick up students and a fair number of teachers didn't feel like they could get to school safely.  

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