Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vail 2011 - Day 7

I was most excited for skiing on Friday because we were all going to be able to ski together.  The snow was coming down pretty steadily, so I wasn't able to take too many pictures during our morning runs. 

 I really wish I had been able to take a picture at the end of our first run which was Cheetah Gulley, a BLACK slope that Will mistakenly (he says!) took us to.  I was most unhappy when he took us up Chair 8 and the signs all showed the way to black slopes rather than the promised catwalk to another lift.  But, once we all realized there just weren't any other options, we dug in and made our way, slowly, down the very steep and somewhat bumpy Cheetah Gulley.  Afterwards, we were VERY proud of ourselves.

My favorite slope was Lost Boy, but Olivia and McIver couldn't enjoy it too much because it was just so stinkin' cold and hard to see.

We met up with everyone for lunch and the sky opened up.  It turned into a beautiful (yet still really cold) day.  All the kids were happy that we did Porcupine Alley, Sherwood Forest, Chaos Canyon and the Magic Forest - all trails designed for children.

Peggy Pa snapped a quick picture for me while we waited for the Pumpellys to arrive on the chair lift.

We had time to spare so McIver lay down in the snow for a taste.

Like I said, Chaos Canyon was a big hit.  Since it was Safety Week, there was a scavenger hunt for the kids.  McIver and Will decided to take Ricochet down, but ended up bypassing the hunt.  Olivia and Andrew were kind enough to pick up a whistle for him though.

 McIver celebrated our great day of skiing with a Triple Power Push Pop on the bus ride home.

The Carabettas came back to have dinner and spend the night with us Friday night.  I got in the hot tub with the kids while we waited for them to arrive.  Someone had hit the 'mode' button on the hot tub, though, and the water was FREEEEZING!  It actually made it easier to get in, but the temperature never rose while we were in it.  I was afraid to get out because I knew how cold I would be.

Once again, I didn't get any good pictures with the Carabettas, but we enjoyed a great dinner together.  David cooked a brisket and Peggy Pa made some fantastic sides to go with it.

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