Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vail 2011 - Day 6

We were pretty well-rested on Thursday and it was another beautiful day so we were excited to hit the slopes again.  McIver chose another day of ski school so he could earn more stickers for his badges.  I dropped him off that morning and was able to meet Ken, the instructor he had the three previous days.  Ken was super nice and told me that Mac had been doing a really good job.  But, Lauren, from New Zealand, was his instructor for Thursday.  Having a new 'ski coach' didn't phase McIver one bit.  He waved good-bye and sent me on my way.

Olivia wasn't too thrilled to hear that Will and Dawn were going to go ski some of the tougher slopes with David.  There was just too much fresh powder ( or "cream cheese" as Olivia likes to call it) to miss.  I think she was worried that I was going to slow her down too much (and, she just loves skiing with Dawn!).  Also, Olivia has slept a little later that morning and didn't eat as much breakfast as she had on previous days.  So, our first stop was Two Elk Lodge for some french fries and hot chocolate.  Apparently, this was not Olivia's first time making hot chocolate - she squirted about 4 inches worth of whipped cream on top of her drink.  The snack made for one happy little girl!

And, we found our own fresh powder to ski through.

 Check out how deep that snow is.

Hey!?  Where are my skis!?

 Olivia got so tickled that she fell down and had a hard time getting up.

We ended up having a really fun time together.  We rode the same lift about 6 or 7 times in a row and went down different runs.  Both of our legs were pretty tired still, so we stuck to the green slopes ...  Boomer, Sourdough and Tin Pants, which we skied at least 4 times in a row.  We met up with everyone for lunch and did a few more runs before it was time to get McIver from ski school.

We took quick showers when we got back to the house because we had a grown-up night out planned.  Big Pa and Peggy Pa treated us to a fantastic steak dinner at Russells in Vail Village.  Everything was delicious but the only pictures I managed to take were of the wine bottles to remind me to see if we could find them when we got home.  Yummy!

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