Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Break: DeBordieu

Saturday could not have been more beautiful!  We woke up to clear, blue skies and spent a little while on the beach first thing in the morning.

Looking for more treasure (I gave them quarters to bury for each other - I think someone with a more powerful metal detector might find them someday :)

Those crazy boys just went right into the water ... it was fuh-reeeeezing!

Then we got everyone dressed and headed to Georgetown for the Wooden Boat Show.  Olivia was excited to show off GranGran and GranDaddy's boat, Real Escape, to everyone.

The Mamas found the best seat on the front of the boat.

On our way to the boat show...

Will's cousin John built a sailboat and sailed it from Mt. Pleasant to Georgetown.  He's been working on it ever since I can remember ... so cool to see his hard work pay off.  And, boy did it!?  He won first place!  The boy with the hat on is Will's cousin David's youngest boy, Aidan.  The other guy is John's buddy who sailed with him from Mt. Pleasant.

There was a tent set up where the children could build their own boats.

Hard at work.

About to set sail.  We also ran into GranGran, but the children were so into their boat building that I didn't even get a picture with her.

It didn't take long to hit the beach once we'd had our fill of the boat show.  The girls loved boogie boarding.

The Mamas loved watching!

Some friends who were at Litchfield for the long weekend joined us for dinner.  We had almost 25 people in the house ... they brought seven girls with them to add to our 4, plus our three boys for a grand total of 11 girls and three boys.

Most of the evening was spent in front of the television watching Clemson fight their way to a win over Maryland.    We did enjoy a great meal with shrimp fresh from the docks in Georgetown!

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