Saturday, October 29, 2011


McIver scored not one or two, but THREE goals in his soccer game this morning.  He was OVER THE MOON!!

After the first goal, the team was re-grouping around the center of the field and everyone heard McIver slap his buddy Beau on the back and say, "Thanks, Beau" because Beau was the one who passed McIver the ball.  It was adorable!

The second goal was a bit more of an accident.  The ball pretty much rolled through the legs of two of the opponents and would have been easy saves for just about any other team.  Still, a goal is a goal and he was excited.

The third goal was something out of World Cup soccer on a 2nd grade level.  McIver kicked the ball up over the heads of the defenders and it sailed into the top of the goal.  It was beautiful!!

Several other players scored, too, so it was a great, great game!

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