Saturday, October 29, 2011

SC State Fair

I got a text from Will last Thursday night while I was at the tennis tournament that said, "Daddy Rocks!"  

He also sent this picture ... hard to see, but you can imagine how happy the children were to be going to the fair and on a THURSDAY night!  (And I was equally happy NOT to be going.  I love a fair and fair food as much as the next guy, but the thought of spending all that money and fighting the crowds just didn't appeal to me this time around.)

In hindsight, this picture was the beginning of the end.  Apparently, the crowds had died down by this point in the night so the guy controlling the swing let the ride go on and on and on... which did not sit well with Olivia's stomach.  She ended up getting sick a few times, but still remembers the fair as a great time with her dad and McIver.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki!

Just wanted to come over & thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog yesterday. It's always so great to connect with other Bloggers! And thanks so much for your comment about Columbia. I'm thrilled to know I got that Gamecock Gameday Guide right. We're BIG fans of Pawley's Front Porch too. Oh man, their burgers are amazing!

So glad your kids had a great time at the Fair. I'm jealous! I haven't been to a Fair in a few years, but it looks like so much fun. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!