Monday, October 10, 2011

USC Women's Soccer game

Last weekend, USC held a special soccer weekend to encourage the SC United Football Club/YMCA soccer teams to come to their games.  Olivia's soccer team went to the Women's game on Sunday afternoon.

McIver took Walker, a friend from school who is also on his soccer team.

Everyone was into the game for a little while, but mostly just enjoyed the beautiful weather.  The game was televised (they played Vanderbilt ... and won) so everyone hammed it up when the camera man was nearby.  I'm not sure how much 'inspiration' our team got from the USC team, but they did notice how hard the women played ALL the time.

Once the sun started to go down behind the bleachers, I took the boys over to the grassy area where they could run around and play soccer and jump in the Cocky bounce house.  It didn't take long for the girls to follow us over there.

Olivia and Kit enjoyed themselves at the game.

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