Sunday, October 9, 2011


Thanks to the wonders of technology, Olivia is able to send emails to her teacher without having to have her own email account.  I am copied on any email she sends to him and got this in my in-box this afternoon.

Dear Mr. Shirley i think i am going to be able to get ribbit this week but i'm not sure yet but i am still studying really hard!!! REALLY WANT TO GET RIBBIT!!!!

I'm excited just to know that she's this motivated this early in the year ... she was the second to the last person, I think, in 2nd grade to get RIBBIT, and didn't get it until early spring of 3rd grade.  This time around, she will be quizzed on division facts up to 12.  (Yikes...  I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it!)

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