Thursday, October 27, 2011

State Tennis Tournament @ Daniel Island

Sets in the City, my 5.0 combos team (two 2.5-ranked players play together), made it to the State tennis tournament in Daniel Island last weekend.  We were the second place team in Columbia so we just barely made it by the skin of our teeth as a 'wildcard.'  

I generally play with two different girls who (whom?) I wouldn't know if I didn't play tennis.  (I'm SO thankful for all the girls on my team - of course, I love all my friends, but there's something to be said for having friends that know me for me - not because our children go to the same school, or because their husband plays golf with Will, or works with Will, etc.)

ANYWAY, this is Kim ...  We drove down to Charleston early Thursday so we could get checked into the house we rented and have lunch before going to the captains' meeting at the Family Circle tennis center.  We had a long and delicious lunch at High Thymes on Sullivan's Island which is 'next door' to Isle of Palms where we rented a house.

After getting the car unloaded, we headed to Daniel Island for the captains' meeting.  Some husbands of players were kind enough to take our picture ... so glad you can see his shadow in the picture, but we were using my phone so you get what you get.

Our first match was Friday morning at 11.  Kim and I played Doubles #1 together and beat the team from Charleston (7-5, 6-1).  Our Doubles #2 also won and since the Charleston team forfeited their Doubles #3 court, we won all three courts.

The weather in Charleston could not have been more perfect.  We hit the beach after a quick lunch on Daniel Island and stayed until sunset.

Here we are after our Saturday match against the other team from Columbia.  Kim and I played Doubles #1 again, but lost this time (6-1, 3-6, 0-1 - lost in the tiebreak), but since both Doubles #2 and #3 won, our team won the match.  We went into Sunday tied for first place with the team from Spartanburg.

Saturday afternoon we had a great time drinking celebratory champagne on the beach which was given to us by a former teammate.  We had snacks and just had a good time visiting on the beach.

Our match on Sunday was a heart-breaker.  I played Doubles #1 with Margaret (front row, far left) and we lost 7-5, 6-4.  The team from Spartanburg was ON FIRE!!  We had a great time playing and really felt like we played our absolute best.  It was just tough to be so close to winning, and then end up losing all three courts.  Congratulations to the Spartanburg team, though ... now they're off to Mobile, AL for the Division Tournament.

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