Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

We have had so much rain lately it's not even funny.  Olivia was waiting for her ride to soccer a week or so ago and we just wondered, again, if practice was going to be rained out.  This particular time, they were able to have practice.  However, we have had an extra-crazy schedule the last few weeks because of make-up soccer games during the week.  Thankfully, we've had some beautiful "Chamber of Commerce" days lately which have reminded me why we love Columbia so much in the fall!

One day not too long ago (it was probably raining), I went into Olivia's room to put laundry away and found Tex all curled up on O's body pillow.  It was just too cute not to take a picture.  She's got her blinds pulled up just so, so that he can look out the window during the day and bark at other dogs walking on our street.

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