Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Father/Son Lake Murray Camp Out

I mentioned a day or so ago that McIver and Will are going to miss the Cub Scout campout this weekend because we're going to the beach for Fall Break.  So, Will took the bull by the horns and planned his own campout.  Will took McIver out to the lake last weekend to scope out some islands and chose one for the campout.  They invited four other fathers/sons to join them Saturday afternoon for a camp out.  I sent the camera with Will and BEGGED him to please try to remember to take some pictures.

The first shot is a bit blurry, but apparently the boys found a fallen tree and spent an hour trying to break it apart to build a dam.

The boys - Walker, Hugh, McIver, Burch & Morgan. 
What a beautiful sunset!

The dads - James, Will, Stephen, Hugh & Tupp

Apparently, there was dancing after the burgers and s'mores.

Will managed to get a picture of each father/son group and I'm so glad he thought to get one of him and McIver.

Sunday morning they all went back to the lakehouse to have pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Will and McIver got home about 10:30 Sunday morning and were dead-dog tired.  McIver went straight to the shower and Will went straight to bed.  I keep picking up little tidbits here and there from McIver about what fun they had ... tearing apart the tree, skipping rocks, building the dam, hitting rocks against each other to make sparks and telling ghost stories.  Good times and good memories, for sure!

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