Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Ball

McIver had his first practice today with his fall baseball team, The Nationals.  Last week, he and Will got out in the yard to get in gear and practice.

In this shot, it looks like McIver needs to work on his aim a little bit, but he's actually getting pretty good and getting the ball all the way to Will.

He kept his eye on the ball and watched it all the way into his glove.

Aside from being 132 degrees outside today, Will said the practice went relatively well.  They did not know anyone else on the team - several schools are represented.  Fall Ball is the first time that the coaches pitch.  Last season, in t-ball, the coach pitches three times and, if the player doesn't hit the ball, they get to bat off the tee.  McIver will play on this team for Fall Ball and then have an actual try-out in the spring.  

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