Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm NOT Gonna Do It!!!!

"I'm NOT going to eat it (the one bite of spinach) and you can't make me!  You're the meanest mom in the whole world!  My taste buds just don't like it.  It's all Olivia's fault because she ate hers and now I have to eat mine, but I'm not going to!  I don't care if it will make me strong!  When will my taste buds grow up?  You're so mean!"

And on, and on.

(I realize you can't see the spinach on his plate and may think he has already tried it.  Nope - he tried to hide it in a bite of chicken pie, but then still couldn't bring himself to put the bite into his mouth.)

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Britton said...

Thanks for your comment Nikki! The blogging world is new to me, I am learning along the way, and I am loving it! I try to write mostly of ways our loving God has been at work in my life. I do this for several reasons ... it is a way for me to grow in my relationship with Him, and in doing so if I can bring some encouragement to someone else or bring just one person closer to God, then it will be worth it. I still have so much to learn but this is a start!

I look forward to keeping in touch with you and your adorable family. Love your blog! Hope to see you on your next trip to MB.