Friday, September 3, 2010

Go Gamecocks!

So, last night was the first football game of the season for the Gamecocks.  I think McIver's grandparents, aunts and uncles in Myrtle Beach, along with both of his godfathers and his great grandmother, are going to be very pleased that McIver has joined their ranks ... he's officially a Gamecock Fan (much to Will's dismay).  He was distraught that he was not invited to go to the game, even though it started at 7:30 on a school night and wouldn't have been able to go anyway!   As a small consolation, I promised him that, IF he did his homework without drama, and IF he ate dinner without drama, and IF he behaved and was a first-time listener (see a pattern here?  I totally held it over him ALL day!), he could watch the first part of the game before heading to bed.

We both held up our ends of the deal.  He was so excited to watch the game - and even more excited when the Gamecocks started scoring!

Olivia was quite relaxed while watching the game.  She's sticking to her guns, though, and said she's a Clemson fan through and through, "but I'll cheer for the Gamecocks as long as they're not playing Clemson."

McIver did a little dance when the Gamecocks scored.

The game held McIver's attention for a good long time.

Then he got a hold of my camera and started taking pictures of the game.

Trust me when I say that there are a WHOLE lot more where this came from...

Tex likes football, too!

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